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Refrigerated Air in El Paso, TX

While El Paso’s winters tend to take a bit longer to get started compared to northern states, once they do, we’re usually in for a chilly surprise. Right around this time, folks tend to call their HVAC technicians to come and turn on their heaters for them, rendering their swamp cooler useless… at least, until spring rolls around. Then everyone rushes to have their air conditioner turned back on and their heater turned off until the next bout of winter weather comes back. It’s an endless cycle, but it has a simple fix. Because we have no need for the AC in the wintertime, this time of year is perfect for upgrading to refrigerated air. Here’s why.

Why Winter?

El Paso’s winters often get cold enough that we don’t need to constantly run the air conditioner like we do in the summer but are usually also warm enough that some nights, we can get away without running the heater. The weather during El Paso’s winters is perfect for upgrading to refrigerated air conditioning. Plus, once it’s installed, you can begin going back and forth between using your air conditioner and heater freely without having to worry about having one or the other professionally turned on and off. This is great for when El Paso has its spontaneous and fickle weather changes.

Why Refrigerated Air?

There are many benefits to upgrading from relying on a swamp cooler to utilizing refrigerated air conditioning to cool your home. For one, refrigerated air conditioning has been proven to cool your home better than a swamp cooler. Plus, you don’t have to worry about opening a door or window to make sure the air flows through your house thoroughly. In addition, refrigerated air units can easily be switched between heating and cooling, so you’ll no longer have to worry about turning one off so the other one can be turned on for the changing of the seasons. Lastly, refrigerated air is better for the environment. You’ll save money and energy while giving back to good, old mother nature.

Call Barrett Airworks Service Co. Today!

If you’re thinking about upgrading your swamp cooler to a refrigerated air conditioning system, Barrett Airworks Service Co. is the place to call. We offer refrigerated AC installation services along with other maintenance, repairs, and other HVAC services. Stop dealing with a pesky swamp cooler and upgrade to refrigerated air conditioning today!